Hello Gateway Families,

On Wednesday, July 22nd, Governor Eric Holcomb announced that he will sign an executive order requiring Hoosiers to wear face coverings in most public settings, beginning Monday, July 27th. They have continued to monitor the data and have seen a concerning change in some of the state’s key health indicators. Hoosiers have worked hard to help re-open the state and we want to remain open. By masking up, we can and will save lives and slow the spread of COVID-19.

A mask or other face covering should cover the mouth and nose and may be:
• factory-made
• sewn by hand
• improvised from household items such as scarfs, bandanas, and t-shirts

The executive order will require people age 8 and up to wear face coverings at:
• Public indoor spaces, commercial entities
• Public transportation and vehicle services like taxi/ride share
• Outdoor public spaces when you cannot socially distance from people who are not in your household

Face coverings will be required in schools for students in the 3rd grade and up, faculty, staff, volunteers & anyone else in schools.

Masks are also required for co-curricular & extra-curricular activities with exceptions for strenuous physical activity.

The face covering executive order will have exceptions for medical purposes, disabilities, exercising, eating & drinking.

The state will approach enforcement of the face covering requirement with an emphasis on education. A penalty can be levied under the authority of state law. Local governments may impose more restrictive guidelines.

Once signed, the executive order will be found here https://in.gov/gov/2384.htm.

Starting on Monday, July 27th, all individuals ages 8 and up will be required to wear a face mask at Gateway. This includes those dropping off and picking up children, therapists visiting Gateway to work with children, Gateway staff and volunteers. Face masks must be worn properly, covering the individual’s nose, mouth, and chin. Individuals will be permitted to remove their face masks during mealtimes and when getting drinks.

When the executive order is signed and additional information is available, we will update our families and staff.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

We have openings! Call today to schedule a tour.

We have openings! Call today to schedule a tour.

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